Come and support Local Artists every Tuesday night from 7.30pm onwards at Toowoomba's longest running 'Open Mic' venue.

Grab your friends, drop in, taste something fresh & home cooked, listen to some music & enjoy sharing life for a little bit longer than normal


Aside from our usual opening hours and the general in's and outs of day to day bliss, our venue is available for organised events, business meetings and birthday parties.

Relax to the sounds of "Live" Jazz every Sunday and Campfire Sessions monthly on a Friday.

'Open Mic' Night every Tuesday evening
Every Sunday 3pm-5pm
Campfire Sessions
First Friday of the Month
from 7pm onwards
Celebrate a Special Occasion with us
Enjoy a Meal, Snack, or just Coffee & Cake  
Relax to the sounds of local artists & bands

Bon Amici Coffee Philosophy


Coffee is the richest drink of all.  It brincoffee cupgs us a refreshing boost when most needed in time of stress. It bring with it the emotions of cheeky indulgence from the first sip to the moment you rise your head over your cup to see that yes, yes you did finish it and gosh i wish there was more.  Coffee is a drink that bring people together and reunites instantaneously the joy of friendship and comfort.


That's why at Bon Amici We strive to make the best coffee every cup, every day of the year. Our expertly trained barista's take pride in the art in which they work in and take pleasure in watching you enjoy it.  For those of you who have a sweet tooth or just like something different in your coffee we carry all the flavors you have come to love experimenting with your coffee.  

If you have a special taste preference, we also stock soy milk, soy skim and skim milk. 


All our options are served to you in our cosy and comfortable facility with a big smile. We hope that you enjoy the coffee as much as we do and can't wait to see you back for another cup.